Our projects

  • Fast and efficient quality control in industrial manufacturing, specifically in ceramic tile industry, for controlling presses and furnaces, using a fast Carnap entropy measure to quantify end product quality
  • Production improvement in industrial manufacturing plant, by modeling profit function with process and financial variables, such as construction preparation
  • In-depth analysis of drill profiles and hydrocarbon deposits
  • Market basket analysis and sales optimization for big retail store
  • Churn analysis for insurance company
  • Software quality assurance for software development company
  • Data modeling in biomedicine

Details regarding our projects are available here. (in Croatian, references in English)

White paper related to Carnap entropy is available here .

Model of determining risk for a football game and during driving is available here. (in Croatian)

Entropy models of security paper is available here. (in Croatian)

Patents owned by the company are available here.


Data analysis services and IT solutions development